Colton McBride was the type of person that lit up the room when he walked in. His smile was infectious and he could turn anyone’s bad day around with the sound of his laughter.

Colton was raised by his loving parents, Julie Mankins and Butch & Donna McBride. His love for animals was instilled in him by his mother, and his love of sports came from the coaching of his dad. Colton was very active in sports. He was an exceptional athlete for Boswell High School in Saginaw, Texas. He ‘lettered’ in baseball his sophomore, junior and senior years.

Colton had four brothers (Brandon, J.R., Ryan, and Coby) and one sister (Morgan). He was very protective of Morgan and would constantly try to teach her about ‘stranger danger’. Colton had some of the best friends anyone could ask for; most of whom are still close to the family and the foundation. It’s evident that Colton’s siblings and many other people that knew him, carry on his ability to laugh about something in any situation.

His name now lives on being the namesake of Colton McBride Memorial Inc. that his family founded two weeks after his passing. “Sunday Funday” was something Colton would say before it was ‘cool’ to use the expression. There are now two great events held each year in memory of Colton that are named just that. When someone in the community says “Sunday Funday”, they think of Colton McBride, not for how his life ended, but for how he lived his life.